We are Hamburg’s English Language Teachers Association: HELTA!

Welcome, we are HELTA

HELTA is an active part of the English language teachers community in and around Hamburg. Our main staple are the events we organize on a variety of topics revolving around language teaching. The events are not only informative and help keep you up to date on the latest developments but also offer a great platform for networking and getting to know others in the community.

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Latest News

Happy 2018!

Hello Everyone,

Happy New Year! With the our English for Academic Purposes 'EAP' Day, now just days away, we are looking forward to what the new year has in store. :)

The last event of 2017 was our combined event with John Hudson, and Christmas Party. John gave a very entertaining workshop on improvisation which was perfect for a festive end to a busy year.

At the same time as the December event, it had also been our hope to seperately raise funds for the Childrens' Hospice in Sternenbrücke (https://sternenbruecke.de/home). Due to a number of last minute cancellations or no-shows, however, we were not able to raise as much as had been hoped. We would nevertheless like to extend a huge thank you to those that did come and who participated. At the end of the year Wilton Mills sent a donation of 236 EUR to the hospice from Hamburg teachers.

Next up will be our AGM, most probably in April or May, depending on school holidays. At this event we plan to discuss the HELTA Code of Conduct.

Happy teaching,
Andreas & the HELTA Commitee