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Welcome, we are HELTA

HELTA is an active part of the English language teachers community in and around Hamburg. Our main staple are the events we organize on a variety of topics revolving around language teaching. The events are not only informative and help keep you up to date on the latest developments but also offer a great platform for networking and getting to know others in the community.

Be sure to join us soon – we look forward
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Latest News


Thanks to those of you who attended the recent HELTA/Macmillan Day, it was a great success and really nice to see wo many of you there. You can now find Dave Tucker's presentation and handouts here

Next up is our Members Day on 20 June. I hope you'll agree that we have a nice selection of workshops from local speakers as well as the plenary session from Terry Prosser, who some of you will already know from the recent Cambridge Day.  The day is organised by members but open to everyone so I hope to see you again for that.

Best wishes
Andreas Grundtvig
Helta Chair

Upcoming Events

20.06.2015 WHAT ABOUT NOW – a HELTA Members’ day (09:30 - 16:30)
24.04.2015 A Teacher Training Day with Dave Tucker (13:00 - 20:00)
30.01.2015 Words tell Stories (17:45 - 19:45)