It’s Christmas at HELTA and you are cordially invited to our Christmas party and event with guest speaker John Hudson (Attendance/Fortbildung certificates provided on request).
Here are the details:

  • When? Saturday, 9th December from 6.30pm
  • Who? Free entry for all (non-members welcome)
  • Where? Kemps Pub, Mittelweg 27, 20148 Hamburg (google map: https://goo.gl/zhp6jC)
  • What? Fun professional training event followed by HELTA Christmas party. 
  • How? Registration essential. Write to wilton.mills@gmail.com and hmwaldron99@gmail.com
    Due to limited space in his kitchen, the patron (Gibbo Kemp) needs to know beforehand how many vegetable or chicken curry dishes he has to make. PLEASE INDICATE WHETHER YOU WANT A VEGETARIAN OR CHICKEN CURRY (cost €15)

The English Language Show

An Improvisation workshop involves learning the arts, of listening, unblocking one’s mind, accepting others’ ideas, tranformational energy and positive presence. The workshops are fun, funny, easy to pick up and always inspiring. The energy is fully creative and the lessons learnt are instantly applicable to one’s life. Language is more than just words. It’s about transporting ideas. In this workshop you will look at unlocking and expressing your creativity: to explore expression using sight, sound, body and mind; to learn to co-operate in creative situations by reinforcing each other and building action through mutually beneficial structures; and to learn how these structures, when used, help to create an agile mindset and improve an ability to operate in chaos. The workshop is about doing, using theory to help action in performance and ideas to flourish. This workshop is also about having fun with learning!


About John
John Hudson is a native New Zealander who has managed 41 years in the business of culture. Beginning professionally as an actor in Dunedin in 1976, he has gone on to acting, directing and producing many theatrical events, both in New Zealand and abroad. He has performed leading roles at the Edinburgh Festival, toured the world as a comedian and fashioned a career as a stage director in the German TV business coaching and advising on Improvisation.
Recently Diesterweg published a school book by John using improvisation games to learn a language. He currently teaches teachers to use the techniques as well as performing The show, The English Language Show, a 90 minute solo Improv show for schools. This show incorporates the ideas from the book and involves up to 20 volunteers on stage speaking and acting in English. He also produces and hosts Dub-TV, A stylish mix of old film synchronisation and music, and The Improv Comedy Show.

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