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Welcome, we are HELTA

HELTA is an active part of the English language teachers community in and around Hamburg. Our main staple are the events we organize on a variety of topics revolving around language teaching. The events are not only informative and help keep you up to date on the latest developments but also offer a great platform for networking and getting to know others in the community.

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Latest News

AGM and English at Work

Hello Everyone,

On 3 February we had a very successful English for Academic Purposes 'EAP' Day, when Michael McCarthy, Mariana Marinova, Helen Spencer-Oatey and Juliane House gave some extremely informative workshops at the Berufliche Schule für Medien und Kommunikation. As well as HELTA members, for who this was a free event, we were very happy to welcome visitors from ELTABB and ELTA-Rhine, as well as from Switzerland and Hungary. Wilton Mills and Soph Moeng very kindly put together excerpts of the event in a new series of HELTA videos at: https://vimeo.com/helta 
You can read more about the day here...

Publishers and participants also very kindly sent us books and materials to put into our charity auction which raised 300 EUR for the Sternbrücke Childrens' Hospice

Next up will be our combined event with National Geographic/Cengage, when Timothy Phillips will give a workshop on Visual Literacy in the 21st Century, and 2018 HELTA AGM.

HELTA would also like to introduce a new Code of Conduct to add to our statutes. We will discuss this at the AGM.

We have also now opened our Call for Proposals for the English at Work Conference for In-Company Teachers in Northern Europe. You can find more details here

Happy teaching,
Andreas & the HELTA Commitee